Often mistaken for Paloma Faith if wearing enough prints, until I open my mouth that is. I'm a Womenswear Fashion Design Student at Kingston University, my Tumblr evidences this. More likely to be found sneaking away from fabric sampling on Berwick Street to lipstick swatching on Beak St. My love affair with designing cloth around the body led me onto masking faces.

Enter my chance to change canvas, Make Up Artistry! 

My time in front of the mirror is my my own little therapy. I can layer, flick and blend until the cows come home and not get bored. Confident in my abilities, I took to a beauty counter for a ring up the ladder. Having customers' trust and face to make up  has been an opportunity to work with every age, ethnicity, skin type and make up preferences going.

I completed a Building Creativity at the Illamasqua School of Make Up Art, a perfect opportunity for me to expand my creative work seeing as the brand I begun with are so commercial. It also begun the journey of building my kit. Realising how desperately I wanted to be painting faces alongside designing clothes, I continue to expand both of my creative portfolios. My connections and portfolios continue to grow as I am booked for my peers' graduate look books.