Friday, 11 October 2013

Drugstore Haul

I've been so sucked in my high end brands that I'd even stopped picking up the odd Superdrug/Boots grab-buy. I've seen so many cute cheap things optioned on other blogs&instagram&ads (Rimmel Ads, stop whoring your new lipstick it makes me want every shade). And, having been chatting to other girls at work, I just felt like I had to get myself down to to take all these eye palettes and £1 blushers seriously.

Just a very cheap pick-up of nail glue which I needed, nail scissors for cutting down eyelashes and cheap-o eyelash curlers because I don't use them myself but should probably have a pair in my kit.

Cleansing Oil I saw recommended in a magazine (Instyle I think). Pretty bummed I forked out on Lancome cleansers before seeing things like this and the L'Oreal Micellar Water which I picked up the other week for my kit. This is the reason I need to turn my attention back to drugstore brands before splurging in future. I used this quickly last night, admittedly after I'd earlier used a wipe to remove some of my mascara. But I have faith this cleansing oil alone could have done it; it felt beautifully silky rather than slippery. It didn't irritate my eyes at all when I gave my lashes a little rub to remove any eye make up. Thumbs up so far! And it seems to be discounted in both Boots and Superdrug for the last week or so. Ditch those face wipes and upgrade I say ladies!

The make up haul I picked up for £28ish, so if you compare that to one palette from most high end brands at around £30+ a very good session! I picked up the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick which a re-packaged, new and improved product that has been all over the TV ads. And you got a free mascara when you spend a tenner, so I grabbed the invisible colour-for-all lipliner, why the frick not hey. 
I wanted a matte pallette to compare to investing in more Mac shades and for £4 MUA allowed me to do that for a pittance. Sleek I-Divine palette in True Romance, the purples drew me in as I already had 2 single MUA shadows in my basket, but this palette gave me more options and I'm more likely to hold onto a palette and remember to use the shaded than more singles. And for another £1 each, a blush that seemed like it could potentially be a Nars Deep Throat dupe and a bronzey liquid liner.

Sleek Palette i-Divine True Romance £7.99 & MUA Matte Palette £4

I swatched the matte MUA palette (right) first and was disappointed with the chalky uneven texture it trailed, but hey only £4 down to find that out. I still played with them in my daily make up since, and they are ok but nothing more. The pigment and texture is too poor to be raved about, but again, price relative. For someone starting out with shadows, you go glen coco and buy your £4 palette!
The Sleek palette (left), air kisses honey! Sososo good in payoff and even texture, no unevenness like I've found with MUA shimmer shadows previously.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 360 £6.99

As mentioned, those pesky Rimmel TV ads had me lusting after many shades, they were super pigmented and shiny (my two favourite qualities!). They've not disappointed in person either, see swatch above! Beaut colour in 'As you want Victoria' 360 though I'd had my eye on the plummier and fuchsia-pink tones on the ad, but the selection in my local Superdrug was limited to 6 or 7 shades. Having seen swatches online, I'd definitely like to get my hands on some more shades and particularly a nudey-pink as thats the kind of colour I don't possess in a full colour finish.

MUA liquid liner £1

I swatched and wasn't convinced I needed it, even for a quid... but halfway around the store I saw how well it had dried, no running/feathering & so bright and metallic. That's amazing to me, one single pound for an eyeliner that would sit well with my high end metallic goods and liquid liners.

And just check out LLYMLRS swatch for the GOSH holographic polish, because I literally bought it having seen her post and haven't swatched it myself yet. Looks as if they only promise and only deliver one day wear, but what a fab sparkle especially for Christmas nights approaching! Would have been fun for ravin' summer night also. Lots of topcoat to prolong perhaps? Only time&wear will tell!

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