Tuesday, 17 September 2013

At Home Play

Had a little play, as posted on my Instagram the other day.

It mainly began with wanting to use my kryolan aqua colours I picked up in my haul (see here) earlier this month. I wanted to play with shading them around my neckline & face contours. This escalated into layers of all sorts. To be honest, the colour pay off wasn't even with the aqua colours, so I started using Illamasqua cream pigments to 'draw' out my neckline and accent where I could get some colour with the aqua colours & going over them with the Kryolan eyeshadows that I sort of picked out as powder counterparts. 

So I did get the colours I was looking for... but I kind of gave up with the entirely ethereal glow I had aimed for in purchasing the aqua colours. 
I had spent the past day cleaning out my mother's beauty collection, so I had confiscated several eye palettes that she a) hadn't touched and b) do not work for her olive tones. So these Lancome, YSL and Clarins palettes came out to play. 
Sidenote, the mother says she does not like shimmer eyeshadows yet she is hoarding more shimmer than matte... and welcome my darlings to a beauty closet you will be appreciated within.

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