Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Crown Brushes

I've had a few brushes from them before and been a happy customer, I for one was just so happy to find a huge range of quality brushes at great prices. It was time to expand my range and having dipped my toes into the online gamble of brush buying I was happy to trust crown brushes once more. 

These are the beauties I came away with, very happy for roughly £70

And these are just the new syntho brushes which have been relaunched are incredible. All for my kit right now until I can spoil myself with some personal buys. I've been on a quest to get the perfect fan brush for my kit to dust over and perfect base when on shoots. This might just be that find. For myself, I wanted the Laura Mercier duo fibre fan brush to perfect all those pesky bits that get uneven/ creased throughout the day, particularly when I'm on the shop floor I might add. At £25 or so, I'll favour buying this one for myself by Christmas perhaps. 

All of the brushes from this range disperse different textures of powders beautifully and don't suck up too much liquid pigment. Perfect for even finished. When they hit certain numbers of followers of Facebook crown brushes will release discount codes, that is when I will be completing this range! Can't wait! So spread the love and get liking crown brushes uk on Facebook and we can all enjoy that bonus! 

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